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Author - A.J. Smith

(Oct. 1, 2013) The Keeper

(1st book of The Keeper Trilogy series)

AJ Smith, released "The Keeper", an adventure with young Jelly Jones, who discovers a special book that gives her access into a special world of Jomiadore . She has an endearing personality, and also has older brothers, which sets up a powerful dynamic of sibling relationships as she explores this new world, fraught with creatures, dangers, and a whole range of new experiences and emotions that pulls the reader into this story.

A great start to a new and refreshing writing style that has captivated readers from 9 to 90...

See details at and Nook, Kindle, Kobo sites.

(April 13/2014) The Guardians

(2nd book of The Keeper Trilogy series)

Last summer, Jelly Jones discovered the reason why her sense of direction is better—than everyone else on Earth. Not to mention her uncanny ability to heal faster than the average human. While being the Keeper of the Key certainly has its advantages, there is one major downfall—the prospect of spending her life running from Einar, the only one who can access the true powers of the Key. However, according to Sybil, the running will not begin for another couple decades. Or so she thought.

This summer, on the approaching possibility of a supervised trip to Jomiadore, things go wrong and even more secrets are revealed. Just as Jelly begins to believe it will be a long time before seeing the other world once again, her parents are kidnapped through a vanishing door and she must decide whether or not to make the journey to the one place on Jomiadore the Key should never go.

(June 9/2014) The Tear

(3rd book of The Keeper Trilogy series)

Jelly Jones, Keeper of the Key, has returned to Jomiadore with a wizard by her side. With Einar poised to invade the East, Jelly would seem to be at a possible advantage—except that the wizard’s wizardly powers don’t work on Jomiadore. Inconvenient, to say the least. And that’s not all.

Despite Gil’s explanation about her brothers’ connection to Jomiadore, Jelly intends to see Stick and Jug safely returned to Earth. She then plans to run about the East warning gnardgies, centaurs, winged horses, and anyone else she can find about the inevitable invasion that only she knows about. However, predictably, nothing goes as planned, beginning with a visit from three Wislan with news and worse news. For Jelly, the news brings confusion, possible freedom from the Key, and an impossible decision—should she sacrifice the freedom of one world for the safety of another?


Inventor - Michael Zarimis

(Oct. 18, 2013) Misadigital. Michael Zarimis, of Australia, has been working for over a year on a unique MIDI music controller for guitarists, the Tri-Bass. It has a touchscreen where a normal guitar would have the strumming or picking area, and a neck with grooves that allow the player to finger-tap notes, even glides, so you can emulate a slide trombone or the nuances of a string instrument.

For many years, music producers have been using MIDI keyboards to play the instrument sounds in a computer, but it meant only musicians with piano keyboard training could do that.

Now, guitarists can break free of that restriction and produce multiple instrument tracks for Film, TV, and Video games, utilizing their already-learned playing skills.

The Tri-Bass is planned to be shipping worldwide by the end of October 2013. Details at


Jazz Vocalist & Producer - Chris Williams

(July 1-2013) Elizabeth - Songs Based on Pride & Prejudice. Chris Williams, award-winning jazz vocalist in the Los Angeles area for the past 10 years, just produced a new album... Elizabeth, Songs Based on Pride & Prejudice, which captures the moods of this epic book and movies. Chris wrote and produced the music to provide an extra level of enjoyment for the hugely popular Jane Austen parties, that are happening all over the world. 2013 is the 200 year anniversary of this masterpiece book. Chris has received invitations from these parties to come and perform live at the events. See details at Broadwayworld and itunes.


Sound Library producers - ProjectSAM

(June 1-2013) ProjectSAM Lumina. Five years ago, three brilliant musicians who studied music technology in college in the Netherlands, brought out a world-renowned instrument library, called Symphobia, that has been used in the production of Film, TV, and Video games. This year, they released the third in the series, this one called "Lumina". They are recorded phrases of orchestral instruments that can be modified and inserted into sound tracks that would be impossible to play with virtual instruments. This library even has choir voices that blend amazingly with other instruments to produce powerful music and effects. See details at ProjectSAM Lumina.

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